Charting Not-so-New Territory

novel chart from campnanowrimo

I found this chart (I think it was from one of the pep talks from Camp NaNoWriMo?) but can’t remember who came up with it.  If you know, please let me know so I can give proper credit.  Anyway, I thought it was accurate.  So accurate, in fact, it’s both funny and painful at the same time.  Mainly, I fall all along the first line.  From ‘This is the greatest idea’ to ‘This sucks.  And it’s boring.’  I’ve reached that ‘Dark night of the soul’ to come out with a craptastically finished piece of work a few times, but usually that bottom-most pit is so overwhelming, it’s hard to get out of.  It’s hard to push past all of the self doubt and the fact that you’re drowning in a big pile of shit.

I’d be interested in any ideas you’d like to share on how you reach the end.  How you push through from initial idea to finished novel.


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