Ducks in a Row


cat calendar 2017

Have I mentioned how much I love Gary Patterson’s illustrations?  They’re like the best thing ever!  The.  Cutest.  When I flipped to the April calendar page this morning, I was struck by how appropriate this cartoon is of the cat with all the different pages, and foods to choose from.  I mean, could we get any closer to how I feel, and probably look, when I have all of my writing notes scattered everywhere.  Do I tackle this short story?  This poem?  Do I even know what genre I want to write?  Do I have enough for this idea to be a novel?  The choices, or ideas, aren’t the problem.  It’s the discipline to stick to something and finish.  Will the cat sample a little of all of his choices?  Will he devour them all?  Will he decide he has some solid favorites and ignore the others that don’t suit him?  I’m a lot like this little kitty.  I think I’ll adopt him as my mascot this month, as a reminder that even when faced with lots of different choices, I have to find what suits me and be disciplined enough to see it through.

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