There’s more than one way


to listen to you

with an enormous grain of salt

or a fine corkscrew


discussion borders cacophony

mistakes passion for pride

speaking with you is just baloney

tell me where I can hide.


oh, the sweet symphony of solitude

where I can be alone with my thoughts

but you haven’t got a clue


a storied past, broken record with no end

self-proclaimed neatnik

you couldn’t find a breeze in the wind


round and round, do we take another stab?

is there more to us, any more to ponder?

no need to build a festering scab

we’ll just sit here and wander.


Dverse Poets Pub – OLN hosted by Grace.

NaPoWriMo Day 6 – looking at the same thing from different points of view

Poetic Asides – write about a sound.


15 comments on “There’s more than one way

  1. Micro poems forming an entirety. I must try this form, it works well.


  2. gradually we hear the thoughts spinning round this somewhat hostile tete a tete but I love the grain of salt or corkscrew. Either as weapon or opening a bottle of wine to share or drink away troubles


  3. I love this form …..and your poem even more!❤️


  4. frankhubeny says:

    Sometimes solitude is best is the best sounding symphony: “symphony of solitude”


  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    Inner chatter with booze in hand — we can’t escape ourselves when our habits trap us, eh? Not sure of the meaning, but the writer was very upset with the other, and I’d like to imagine self-chastising, instead of other-hating, for just now, if I may. 😉


    • colorfulpen says:

      You can certainly do that. 🙂 The writer is actually quite fond of the other and they have a deeper understanding than most. Sometimes one dismisses or misunderstands the other which makes for hurt or angry feelings, but after a bit, it simply becomes different points of view.


  6. I have a sense that it’s the wrong companion in more than one way….


  7. Lynn says:

    Sometimes they can be, for sure.


  8. Somehow I feel this poem was quite cathartic! I like the phrase “couldn’t find a breeze in the wind” … I’ve known some people like that! An entertaining read.


    • colorfulpen says:

      Yes, Bev! You got it. Some people can be cocky but so obnoxiously self unaware that it’s almost laughable. It was certainly cathartic to write. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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