Words on the Wind

The wind roars, distant at first

and then more insistent, rattles the windows

the wind whistles

a high-pitched, ear splitting whine

the wind knocks

at my door

shoves everything against the ticking clock

where I feel the pulse

the beating of the wind

the fever that’s struck

out of fear

that the wind will turn silent,

leave a gaping hole between its last sigh

and its whisper –

and my hope –

that the wind will carry something new,

some words will blow my way

when it comes back around.


NaPoWriMo  Day 8 – Write a poem that relies on repetition.

Poetic Asides – Write a panic poem.






2 comments on “Words on the Wind

  1. Singledust says:

    love the wind in your poem Lynn! Carrying whispers, and secrets to waiting ears. I could feel the anticipation of hope like the wind was a living entity. Lovingly penned words.


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