Community Conundrum

Rush to the top

so you don’t have to stop

and think about those

who simply want to fit in


schedule this, schedule that

don’t forget your many hats

inside out, upside down

what’s it like to wear a constant frown?


No thanks, I have to pass

I found something I think

will last

I got an offer I can’t refuse

so if you’ll pardon me while I excuse


some days are just too people-y.


dverse – Tuesday poetics, hosted by Paul who asks us to think about community.







20 comments on “Community Conundrum

  1. Some days we need to be a community of one.

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  2. Communing with self is a healthy part of any thriving community for me. More people taking quality time out for prayer, reflection and meditation would perhaps create a stronger sense of us in the world. Thanks for your contribution to the prompt Lynn.

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  3. hypercryptical says:

    Some days just are!
    Anna :o]

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  4. frankhubeny says:

    Nice adjective “people-y”. Sometimes what’s best for all is solitude.

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  5. Life can get busy and too “people-y”. Wise to know when to gently withdraw for a bit.

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    • colorfulpen says:

      Yes. I figured that out after moving to a new community and trying to be involved in too much. Sometimes you just have to say no and take a step back. Thanks for reading, Bev.


  6. Janice says:

    I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme of this. For me it conveyed a sense of busyness…a picture of being highly involved but not necessarily connecting…

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  7. Singledust says:

    ahhhh….and I was just thinking of getting into community more! good take on the prompt!

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