Mystery and magic

a backdrop to our dreams

an audience of two

tangled up in you

and me, it seems.


Page and prose

a well-woven cloak

concealed in nakedness


and try not to choke


on this fire we stoke


Tempt and suspend

sharp daggers of illusions.


dVerse – OLN with Grace as the host.  I dug up this older poem and reworked it a bit.



22 comments on “Illusionist

  1. frankhubeny says:

    I liked the idea of two people being the audience for the mystery and magic they create.

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  2. jillys2016 says:

    Those closing lines are PERFECT! 🙂

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  3. Love the passion… love it

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  4. Singledust says:

    a drama for two by two – I fell in love with the scene you created

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  5. lynn__ says:

    Hopefully more real than illusion, even if always mysterious…superbly written.

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  6. Sabio Lantz says:


    So this is poetry which is left very vague
    like a Rorschach ink blot. So I will play:

    In dreams the brain makes no effort to spin the illusion of a constant identity — you and I blur and flip, the we-I cloak no longer chokes us and we are naked. The “pen” (the illusion spinning awake brain) no longer is a sharp dagger but our nakedness is vulnerable and tempting.

    (btw, replied to your fine comment on my poem)

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    • colorfulpen says:

      I’d originally written this as a saucy little piece that was indeed about two people and the magic they can create together even in dreams when they can’t actually be together. They’re kind of a fantasy or illusion for each other that they can’t really grasp. I wasn’t sure if it was too much so I changed a few things and meant for it to be more about the act of writing. It very well may have lost some of its meaning this way. There is a nakedness and vulnerability to writing, also in the physical sense between people when we put ourselves out there. I like your thoughts on this, Sabio. You’ve made me take a longer look at what I’ve written. Always feel free to comment, question, offer criticism. It helps push me to be a better writer.


      • Sabio Lantz says:

        Likewise, I liked your feedback.
        Sometimes I think of forming a prompt site where the known rules of engagement in comments are:
        — no vacuous compliments without: questions, doubts, criticism, suggestion or such.
        It might be a great place for people who write pieces they want questioned, or for people like us who love questions at all times.

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      • colorfulpen says:

        I liked and appreciated your feedback, too. That’s a great idea! I love an environment where the reader/writer can really engage in conversation about what they’ve read/written.


  7. Waltermarks says:

    It seems like you are the magician, standing aside watching it happen, and yer still a part

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    • colorfulpen says:

      I replied to your comment but the placement seems to have gotten messed up in the comment section and I’m not sure you even got it. Anyway, I was just trying to explain where I went with the piece. Thanks for reading.

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  8. Jericho says:

    These are my favorites:

    “an audience of two
    tangled up in you”

    “Page and prose
    a well-woven cloak”

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    • colorfulpen says:

      I have to admit I’m kinda stoked that you liked that. The first thing I read of yours the other day, I fell instantly in love with your style. And you have a lot of it! Thanks for reading. 🙂


  9. colorfulpen says:

    That’s the magic of it. You create this “magic” so you are a part of it, and can also stand back and watch it unfold. I’d intended it to be about two people and then it went in kind of a writing slant.


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