Pushing Up Daisies

*It’s a little dark.  Sorry.  Kind of in a weird place.

Colorless day

shades of gray

torment the sky

as it heaves a sigh

– drops




stinging swells of song

as if it cries


to the gaping hole in the ground

where worms and maggots

and sleep

will abound.


dVerse – Paul hosts Poetics and asks us to ‘go underground’.





21 comments on “Pushing Up Daisies

  1. rosemawrites says:

    such vivid lines. and i love how lyrical this is!

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  2. I didn’t find this particularly dark. It has a song running through it that is maybe melancholic. Thanks for the contribution to the prompt.

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  3. Poets have no choice but to bare our
    soul, bring our thoughts to life. Maybe it’s a kind of exorcism at times but it is always beautiful and thought provoking and this piece is no different .

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  4. lillian says:

    Dark is okay…….I especially like
    “– drops
    stinging swells of song”

    The use of the word “stinging” when your mind wants to read “singing” in connection with the word “song” is masterful….and also the word “swells”…….Really entranced by this section especially.

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  5. lynn__ says:

    Morbidly well-written on underground theme…sooner or later, we all sleep deep.

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  6. frankhubeny says:

    I also interpret the word “underground” as a grave.

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    • colorfulpen says:

      Great minds think alike. 🙂
      I mentioned to the other Lynn that the first three lines came to me during the day before I knew what the prompt was. I kinda dig (no pun intended) it when that happens.

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  7. I love those first four lines … not so much the last four!


  8. Sherry Marr says:

    LOL. Your title with the asterisk comment right under fit together so well I thought it was part of the poem. “Pushing Up Daisies” – It’s a little dark. Made me smile. Very dark, where the worms and maggots are. Smiles.

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  9. With the title I actually found a light in the darkness, death is also rebirth… which is what I read in your poem

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