I’ll Wait

chair cat

A fresh coat of paint and nails hammered into place to secure loose boards won’t mend this broken heart.  Curl up and wait for you to come home, soak up sunbeams and hide in shadows of  the overhead shade tree.  When the wind blows, and sets the old chair to rocking, I think of you there, of us, and the way it used to be and it soothes the ache, however slightly.  Little by little, I find comfort in memories.

You left in the Fall

trees caught fire, red and orange

leaves blew in the wind.


dVerse – Haibun Monday and Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces.


29 comments on “I’ll Wait

  1. Oh I can see how it will bring back memories… time and memories will bring the gold

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  2. This line “hide in shadows of  the overhead shade tree,” really underscores your grief. Very nice work, Lynn!

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  3. I am so sorry for your loss Lynn, our purring friends leave such a loving paw print in our hearts. A beautiful haibun and tribute to your friend 💜

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  4. frankhubeny says:

    I like the idea of finding comfort in memories.

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  5. Some bowls take a long time to mend. I like how the barrenness of the last haiku line echoes you feeling of loss.

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  6. lillian says:

    This is beautiful. Soft melancholy smile on my face right now. A very special write.

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  7. I connect to the sense of nostalgia and longing.

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  8. jerennazuto says:

    It’s full of emotions which affect me deeply! An wonderful Haibun. I loved the haiku a lot. I hope you find happiness in the treasured memories.

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  9. This one touched me deeply. When the wild colours of the autumn carry the memories, how can we not be moved?

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  10. Lovely expression of grief, and great haiku!

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  11. hypercryptical says:

    Nature has the habit of invoking our sorrows. As said by others, your words are lovely.
    Anna :o]

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  12. Singledust says:

    memories are so tough, my head remembers them but my heart aches each time trying to forget them. this haibun is perfect in conveying such loss at a season where loss is then amplified by your haiku.

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  13. Bkmackenzie says:

    Amazing how a rocking chair or other object can hold us frozen in a moment…bkm

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