I dreamed of you last night

my heart felt joy

for a split second

before it ran cold


colder than a mid winter’s night

shroud in darkness

when you passed by

with your hands

firmly attached to her breasts


and your eyes searched mine

a knowing look

or a dare to question you

but there are no questions

only certainty

that memories fade

flesh dies

and hearts remain.



Dreams, what will and will never be

funny how the edges blur

but we see so clearly


you ask me if I like the color jade

even in my dream I pause to stay


and wonder why you’d ask such a thing

but before the light hits my eyes

I know why it stings


Jade is the color of envy.


dVerse – OLN with Bjorn as the host.



Words Betray Me

Sunlight blinds me of my muse

she’s a night owl in disguise

echoes of the day suffocate, refuse –

sunlight blinds me of my muse

bring the darkness, the stars, the moon

where the words won’t be denied;

sunlight blinds me of my muse

she’s a night owl in disguise.


Poetic Asides

The Storm



Darkening storm clouds hover.

May your eyes see the gloom

and capture the silver lining.

A blanket from the blistering sun.

The thunder rumbles low, long.

May you hear the threatening growl

and marvel at its energetic pulse

that matches your own.

Birdsong on breeze

may the sound offer a song in your heart

as rain cleanses the day.

Arching through the gloomy sky

is a painter’s palette splash of wishes:

may you have passion in all you do

and the perseverance to follow through.

may you have friendship among those

you once counted as foes.

may you have courage in conundrums

growth beneath the grim,

and the strength in sadness.

may you have wisdom to wrestle the whys

and wit in strife.

Among all, the openness

to behold the beauty

and the grace

to weather any storm.


dVerse – Paul is hosting Tuesday Poetics and asks us to write blessing poems.

The River

Animas river.JPG

Summer means road trips.  Music, conversation, the letter game with road signs – which I invariably win because everyone else gives up before we’re half way through the alphabet.  The city gives way to open road.  Restlessness gives way to anticipation.   I’m glad to trade the sweltering triple digits of Texas for the cool 80s of Colorado.  The frequent early morning rain showers don’t slow us down. Touristy Durango is equal parts vibrant energy and laid back scenic paradise.  Within walking distance from our hotel door is the Animas River, rushing and rippling over rocks.  Lush green leaves whisper in the breeze.  We take a guided river raft ride.  Our tour guide is a friendly girl named Edith.  I can’t stop looking at her dreadlocks.  Further adventures take us on a ski lift to the alpine slides at the Purgatory Resort.  I’m not a fan of heights and I keep a death grip on the chair.  Somehow I don’t think that will help if anything goes wrong but it gets me through the ride.  On the way out of town, I have to stop and take one last look at the breathtaking views.

Scenic summer trip

mountains rise up in the mist

trailing heart behind


dVerse  – the pub is writing summer themed Haibuns this week.

Middle of the Night

I close the window on another day

the shadows creep in and cover the dead

there isn’t anything else left to say.


Keyhole memories are the ones that stay

tucked in a vacant corner of your head

I close the window on another day.


We’ll go ’round one more time, for old time’s sake

if quiet comfort won’t find you in bed,

there isn’t anything else left to say.


The path to the middle of the road strays

beneath sorrow’s surface we will have fled

I close the window on another day.

Though we try, fissures in our hearts give way

to the echoes that would have been, instead

there isn’t anything else left to say.


In the darkness, the demons love to sway

between dreams on a twisted silver thread

I close the window on another day

there isn’t anything else left to say.


dVerse  – Frank is the host at the pub today and he asks us to write a villanelle.  This is one of my favorite forms but I decided to use an older poem that I’d written during NaPoWriMo instead of writing something new.


Peeking Duck

duck crossing

Beneath a shade tree

long, sun-kissed legs


a gentle breeze


the edge of a wide brim hat

that he’s sure hides

the face of an angel.

He savors the view

before crossing the street

for lunch.


dVerse – Mish is hosting Tuesday Poetics.  I’m glad I kept this picture (however grainy) that I took almost four years ago.  It’s at the edge of the road near a park with a pond. When I saw the prompt today I knew I wanted to use it.

And one of my favorite songs about signs.