Born into Crime

Hazel was more the color of her eyes

when she sighed

white lines erase the pain


Who’s to blame

coiled in parental shame

you can run(!) but you can’t hide


Another fix would do the trick

the devil

revels in your weakness


Guilt spills from your pores

and onto the floor

a chair; the ghost of yourself sits there


Good thing you possessed more

than you were caught with

conscience shelled on a distant shore.


dVerse –  Lillian has asked the pub to write something centered around 1920s vintage mugshots.  I’m a little late for the party.  While I thought this was a really neat prompt, I couldn’t find a photo that stood out, and I had no idea what I’d write.  I finally found a mugshot that spoke to me, and this is my attempt.



19 comments on “Born into Crime

  1. Very nice! I especially like that final line.

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  2. lillian says:

    Love the last stanza — and the ghost of herself on the chair. So glad you posted for the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this.. somehow she seems destined for this, as some are.

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  4. jerennazuto says:

    I like how you used the chair and the line “guilt spills from your pores”, it’s a beautiful line! Well done and welcome to the pub.

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  5. Dark & brooding with a hint of melancholy but for the picture a tad gothic. Nice.

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  6. jillys2016 says:

    Nice perspective, talking to her directly! Projecting her ‘what might have been’ self into the chair was brilliant!
    I didn’t write on this prompt because, like you, I struggled to find a picutre that jumped out at me. I’m glad you followed through – this is good stuff, baby!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Charley says:

    Well pondered, well written! You climbed into her head.


  8. lynn__ says:

    You had me convinced (and Hazel convicted) from the beginning with her eyes… and case closed with your stunning last line!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Perfect story for your chosen photo! Well done.


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