The Storm



Darkening storm clouds hover.

May your eyes see the gloom

and capture the silver lining.

A blanket from the blistering sun.

The thunder rumbles low, long.

May you hear the threatening growl

and marvel at its energetic pulse

that matches your own.

Birdsong on breeze

may the sound offer a song in your heart

as rain cleanses the day.

Arching through the gloomy sky

is a painter’s palette splash of wishes:

may you have passion in all you do

and the perseverance to follow through.

may you have friendship among those

you once counted as foes.

may you have courage in conundrums

growth beneath the grim,

and the strength in sadness.

may you have wisdom to wrestle the whys

and wit in strife.

Among all, the openness

to behold the beauty

and the grace

to weather any storm.


dVerse – Paul is hosting Tuesday Poetics and asks us to write blessing poems.


18 comments on “The Storm

  1. A beautiful piece, you’ve managed to write a blessing that is universal and accessible to all. And isn’t that the ultimate expression of goodness and love.

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  2. Wonderful writing Lynn. Truly a Blessing.

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  3. Beautiful as a storm 🙂

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  4. frankhubeny says:

    In particular I liked this: “marvel at its energetic pulse

    that matches your own” I think it does match ours.

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  5. Beautifully written. A classic example of the glass not half empty but half full!

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  6. jillys2016 says:

    Especially like the ‘wit in strife’ part – yeah, I need that! This is a wonderful blessing poem, my friend!

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  7. Love the references to weather here… a great example a blessing.

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  8. A wonderful blessing Lynn 💜xxx

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  9. I like the alliteration and assonance. The line that stands out to me is “May your eyes see the gloom / and capture the silver lining.” Seeing the gloom is the first step to better things.

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