Art of Unreason

Day 15 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Art often isn’t [nice] though it scrubs the soul fresh” – Jim Harrison

It gnaws relentlessly
wakes you from a dead sleep
and then evades every turn

you want to weep

Like winter’s biting hand
rakes over the lonely
ticking time and loose stares
scrapes surface of the keep

Rips fresh rose from your skin 
stakes its thorns in deep
path to escape withering craft
shakes your soul clean.

A really old drawing of some flowers in a vase.  I’d forgot about it until I dug up an old meditation book and found it in there, apparently used as a bookmark.  I only share it because I thought it went with the quote (sort of).


Reason with the Moon

Day 14 of 28 Days of Unreason

“The Moon is to blame.  I am innocent” – Jim Harrison

Shroud in black velvet
collides with reason

Propelled by the fog
demands immoral

Phased beyond the slight
prove it wrong
darkness cast to light.

Moonlight in a Mason Jar

Stitch up the sliver
follow the bend in your trip
scan road for moonshine
shoot straight from the hip

sail the scent of surrender
hear the coyote’s yip
heat innards ’til you go blind
trail dust and coax every drip.                        


Sunday Whirl – This week’s words (I left out archaic): bend, archaic, stitch, surrender, heat, trip, scan, shine, sliver, follow, scent, sail.

At the Water’s Edge

Day 13 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Only the water is safe” – Jim Harrison

It’s the edge that’s frightening
constantly churning
rocks slip under foot
your soles bleed
while you try to trim the sun
and it continues to fry

a washed-up Channel Cat
bones for picking
but he doesn’t say how or why
only that what matters
is the air and wind and landing
when from the precipice you dive.


Lake 7.29.17
Photo – L. Burton

Snake Bite

Day 12 of 28 Days of Unreason

“The beauty of the rattlesnake is in its threat” – Jim Harrison


She walks in stilettos, a pointed smile 
full of venomous charm
slides in beside you, don’t be alarmed
she licks her lips in the mirror
reflection shivers
your head starts to rattle
when you hear her whisper,
“Bartender, I’ll have a snake bite.”
And you know it’s true
she’ll shed more than those shoes
and you’ll be a done for dude.