July Challenge – Sonnet by 2

Beneath the bed a garden sits and waits
Smooth the sheets, my head upon the pillow
Asleep am I until the chaos breaks
Carrots clawed by digging armadillo

Nightmare screams from radishes upended
Oh, Stevenson! Upon this counterpane,
Your childhood verses here would be splendid,
Such as, “and I should like so much to play.”

Shake golden tendrils, a meeting of chance   
Jagged lightning cracks, splits the room in two 
Cloak of man and monster weaves sly, slow dance 
Fury escapes from the windowless view

Eyes scan for remains; in, under, between
Then hears, “is but a dream within a dream.”


I’m taking up the second half of Jilly’s sonnet (my part is in red) in her July Challenge.
Collaboration:  L.Burton/Jilly


5 comments on “July Challenge – Sonnet by 2

  1. jillys2016 says:

    Applause! You were the original inspiration for the tone and you took it deeply into that world of Poe so perfectly! I could hear the lightning and the voice in the last line but I especially love the cloak of man and monster. Take a bow!


  2. It’s seamless, and atmospheric. Great sonnet, ladies!

    Liked by 1 person

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