July Challenge – Home Tour

Let us climb these well worn stairs,
Light above and peace throughout.
Heart tells mind, “Don’t worry here.
Love will show us all about.”

Laughter fills the space within, 
Softly drifts like love letters
Scattered here and there to find
Our way back home every time.


Frank offered the first four lines of his poem “Home Tour” in Jilly’s July Challenge.  I picked it up with the last four.

Collaboration: Frank Hubeny / Lynn Burton




8 comments on “July Challenge – Home Tour

  1. frankhubeny says:

    I like how scattered laughter helps us find our way back home. Nice second part!

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    • colorfulpen says:

      Thanks, Frank. I tried to keep it within your voice and tone. I went with laughter because there’s a sense of peace and light-heartedness in both the photo you shared and your poem. I didn’t want the ‘find our way back home’ to imply leaving that space, only that the home keeps one grounded and love and laughter are at the home’s core. Like you hear the laughter through the walls and know this is where your heart resides. If any of that makes sense.

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      • frankhubeny says:

        It was very good to use scattered laughter. Leaving scattered crumbs reminds me of what those children did when led into the forest to find their way back home, but using laughter is better. Not actually leaving the home is good. One only needs the scattered laughter to bring it all back to one’s attention when one forgets. It was very nice.

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  2. Thank you both, clever, interesting and enjoyable.

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  3. jillys2016 says:

    The light feeling of this is perfect! Laughter like love letters – as always, unique. (I agree, this is like a summer boot camp workout. Energized and exhausted at the same time!)

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