July Challenge – Sail

The ocean’s waves are choppy,
Yet how I yearn to sail there,
To feel the sun and fresh air,
Cold, yet new, unknown and free.

Will I find uncharted land?
Following Polaris, bright
Star, I go beyond my sight,
After leaving home’s safe sand.

Settle beneath velvet sky
warmth that envelopes me in
its vastness seeps into skin
sways like a soft lullaby.

Lighthouse draws me near to shore
coming home from journey’s end
from far away, I transcend
my mind and body restored.

Jenna (Revived Writer) set Sail with this offering in the July Challenge.  The tanaga form is new to me and was fun to play with.  My completed second half is in blue.

Collaboration:  Jenna / Lynn


10 comments on “July Challenge – Sail

  1. I like your part of the poem. Thank you for completing my first half. My favorite part was the warmth and the velvet sky.

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  2. jillys2016 says:

    This works like a lullaby, so calming. Vastness seeping into skin – that is so fresh! Love the lighthouse image and symbol; I grew up with a lighthouse in my hometown and it often becons me across hundreds of miles of land. Love this, Lynn!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jerennazuto says:

    This is so delightful. Your poem is filled with peace and beauty of the sea.

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