sunset at lake 7.4.17

Twilight casts its glow
intricately woven hues
cotton candy pink
passion purple plays on lake
tangerine dream tapestry


photo – L. Burton


4 comments on “Sunset

  1. jillys2016 says:

    Sigh – that photo is wonderful! Great choice of colors in your words – passion purple, tangerine dream. I find it overwhelming to name the colors in a sunset or sunrise. You have done it so well. I usually default to saying it’s a Maxfield Parrish sky; easy way out!

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    • colorfulpen says:

      Thank you! We were headed to the lake to watch fireworks on the 4th there. I had to look him up, but a Maxfield Parrish sky works! I actually love that.

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      • jillys2016 says:

        So glad! There are people who say Parrish was over the top, but sometimes I look at the sky and go “Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that”. Glad you took in fireworks – we stayed home and made certain our neighbors didn’t blow up or burn down anything while assuring the dog that the noise was just squirrels on the roof. (Cue the eye roll)

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      • colorfulpen says:

        Over the top? Wow! More like simply stunning. Ha, I think I have neighbors like that! And those are some noisy squirrels. 🙂 Our dogs don’t seem bothered by fireworks but they’ll bark at any other strange noise.

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