Beyond the Words

The poet digs for
brutally masked storms, melting
ice cream face, not scorn.
Needs thick skin that doesn’t flee.
Eyes that are willing to see.


Sunday Whirlstorm, mask, cream, face, see, scorn, brutally, poet, flees, skin, need, digs


16 comments on “Beyond the Words

  1. oldegg says:

    I certainly agree with eyes that are willing to see but not sure of the ice-cream face which as a parent necessitated wiping the little one’s face, if you had a tissue on you!


    • colorfulpen says:

      I initially used the word ‘cream’ as ‘brutally masked storms, screaming’ but changed it for something that I thought was a lighter image. All kinds of doubts with this one.


  2. colonialist says:

    The eyes willing to see is particularly thought-provoking.

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  3. Charley says:

    Your end words are strong… with the exception of the first line. I would like to see “digs” there. The end of each line (not sentence) is the place of power. …just a thought.

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  4. jillys2016 says:

    Melting ice cream face… that is a stark contrast to thick skin that doesn’t flee. Nice!

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  5. colorfulpen says:

    Thank you, Jilly. I think I finally decided on ice cream for the word ‘cream’ because it was a lighter image than what I’d originally had in mind. Oh, and I used a scene with ice cream in a short piece I wrote yesterday for a magazine. Guess it was an ice cream kind of day.

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    • jillys2016 says:

      I had to travel back in time just a bit because I knew I had read that you were working on a magazine piece…. Are you going legit on us? 🙂 I am so glad your writing is being seen and valued – your talent is remarkable, my friend! Keep me in your success loop; brag on yourself. I’ll cheer every time!

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      • colorfulpen says:

        Ha, it’s just a monthly contest that this magazine offers. I like it because it’s short, like flash fiction short, but there’s another mag and an anthology I’m gonna submit something to as well. We shall see how it goes. Thank you for the encouragement! Much appreciated.

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  6. I love the ‘melting ice cream face’. Well done.

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  7. Jael Sook says:

    Ooooh, this is Excellent!

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