Wash It All Away

“The only answer I’ve found is the moving water whose music is without a single lyric” – Jim Harrison

I’m late to the party, but I’ve jumped on board Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason where she’s drawing inspiration from Songs of Unreason by Jim Harrison and using the quotes as prompts.  Here’s my attempt at Day 7.


As the ink runs dry
a steady plunk, plunk, plunk
pulls me from the drought 
in my head.

The kitchen faucet drips.

I thank your carelessness upon leaving,
elated even as I let it drip
a few more times – plunk, plunk, plunk.

I turn it off, overwhelmed
by the flood of joy
that washes
over me in a steady stream.

The words start to filter through.

A storm suddenly brews
on the tail end of a shadow dance
between the wind and trees. 

I start to write
while listening to music

but certain songs only remind me of you;
headphones halfway to my ears, I stop.
I don’t want to be reminded.
he rain…

The steady, comforting rain drowns you out.


19 comments on “Wash It All Away

  1. Flippin’ brilliant Lynn ! Like a scene from a French film noir, love it ! What music was playing ? I like the way the ‘absent’ one left the means, inadvertently, to sever the emotional link themselves via the dripping tap.

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    • colorfulpen says:

      Thank you, Nigel! Your comment made my morning. 🙂
      Well, I didn’t get very far with the music. It started to be Duran Duran because I still am on that kick but didn’t listen but maybe for a few seconds. Yeah, sometimes what seems bad turns out to be a good thing, doesn’t it?

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      • I asked Becca to have a read and there was silence as she finished, then she slowly shook her head looked at me and said “WOW ! Dad, that is something special” I agree re music, that’s why we need to keep finding new stuff then the tunes that have bad memories attached we can put on the shit list eg XTC’s ‘where only making plans for Nigel’ I couldn’t walk 10 steps at school, for months, without someone singing that line in my ear ! Funny now tho’

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      • colorfulpen says:

        Thank you to Becca as well, I’m glad she liked this. 🙂
        I’ve also still been listening to a lot of the band you turned me on to, 12 Dirty Bullets. Love them.
        I’d never heard of XTC or that song, so you know I had to listen. Interesting song.

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      • Me too, I think my two current faves are ‘keep chancing’ and ‘find myself another lady’ if not 12 D.B’s then I’m listening to ‘The Virginmarys’ or ‘Dark Stares’ both heavier but The Viginmarys are more lyrical and do both amped up and stripped songs.

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      • colorfulpen says:

        Those are both great songs! I often listen to 12 DB’s ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Pretty Boys’ on repeat. It’s just kind of a fun song, for me.
        I had to check out The Virginmarys and Dark Stares. Wow! More good music!! I can see that The Virginmarys are definitely more lyrical. A few of my faves so far are ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ (the guitar at the beginning is cool), ‘Northern Sun’ and ‘Just a Ride’. I’m
        still making my way through their music.
        Dark Stares is good as well. I like ‘Hypnotize’, ‘Whisky’, and ‘Shinigami’. Continuing to listen. Thanks for sharing more good music!

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  2. jillys2016 says:

    So glad you found inspiration in this one! The realness and rawness of this poem is wonderful – made me smile. Your poetic voice is always fresh. The ‘drought in my head’ is a perfect descriptor that sets this scene allowing the rest of the story to just gush out as flowing water. Nice work, Lynn!

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  3. Charley says:

    “The steady, comforting rain drowns you out.” Start to finish a perfect poetic scenario. And (as is too often said among poets) spot on to the Harrison… mindset? …spirit? …madness? …brilliance! Very nice!

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    • colorfulpen says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad this worked. For the past week, I kept telling myself I had to have the physical book first before I could write anything. That’s just me wanting to be fully immersed in something before I start, but I’m glad I could kind of let that idea go and just see where the prompt took me.

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      • Charley says:

        Sometimes the best writing is stepping out onto the wire with nothing in your hands to help you balance …and no wire, too! It worked wonderfully! Use the force– oh, wait, that’s been done! 🙂

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  4. qbit says:

    I like the ambiguity at the end. You are grateful for the dripping, but not willing to give yourself over completely. Honest.

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  5. […] Lynn Burton at Colorful Penhttps://lburtonwrites.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/7883/ […]

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