Haibun Monday – Candy Store



Atomic Candy Store.JPG Photo – L. Burton

My favorite candy store.  The one that’s tucked away on the Square and takes half an hour to get to, but I’ll drive that far if I’m looking for a special gift or just have a craving.  I enjoy the drive.  Getting out, getting away.  It’s the nostalgia that hits me as soon as I step through the doors.  The hum of the refrigerators with old fashioned glass soda bottles.  The candy of my youth – Bottlecaps, Cherry Sours.  My poet’s heart can’t deny the Shakespeare and Poe novelty items, but what I’m really after is the chocolate and sea salt.  My mouth waters as I place a desired amount in a bag and take it to the counter.  Seated outside, I people watch while I eat my chocolate treat before it melts.

Sweet salty summer –
air mingles with memories
melts in small circles.


dVerse – It’s a Haibun Monday Free For All.


32 comments on “Haibun Monday – Candy Store

  1. Love the intro as much as the poem ! Midget Gems and Licorice Allsorts for me…..O’ oh sugar craving !

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  2. Beautiful haibun! Never heard of salted chocolates – will try!

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  3. Frank Hubeny says:

    We used to take our children to a tiny candy and popcorn store. Your mentioning of putting the selections in a bag and going to the counter reminds me of what each of them would do. I remember watching their eyes go for this treasure and my wanting to be able to provide it for them.

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  4. jillys2016 says:

    The word Salty in your Haiku has so many meanings – love that! This is a charming trip into a time gone by that you have taken us on – thank you! (We are taking the train today to a delightful little town that has this same candy shop. Good timing!) By the way, salted chocolate is our favorite, too! You hae excellent taste, Lynn!

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  5. kanzensakura says:

    What a great haibun! I love that you will go out of your way to get there. The candy and soda in the bottles. And then sitting and devouring your treat…glorious. the haiku is great, melting in small circles….that is what summer should be.

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  6. lillian says:

    Oh….smiling I am. Your haiku is perfect with your prose here! Do they have malted milk balls at your old fashioned candy store? I fear if this place were near me, I’d be making a pilgrimage candy trip almost daily! Summer memories indeed — for me, what will make me wax nostalgic every time for my youthful summer days, is a banana popsicle! Everyone else craved the red and green ones (cherry and lime) — I always went for the yellow banana popsicle!!! And still adore rootbeer 🙂

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  7. Charley says:

    How can you go wrong when you write about a deeply held passion! And chocolate is (…or, um… can be) a passion. I went into that store with you as I read your poem. And your haiku is spot on!

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  8. And sometimes that’s all it takes to feel really good. Lovely haibun!

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  9. As a fellow chocaholic, I identified with every word!

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  10. The nostalgic road of rediscovery again. It can be most enduring on the memory!


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