Lush tree balances the sky
aims its leaves to brush and
puffed up pillow clouds;
shades the edges of the pond
where water ripples, whispers
sweet nothings that shift

and scan reflections.
Grass sways in the breeze,
sharp blades shatter time.


dVerse – Tuesday Poetics (late again).  Kim challenges the pub to write poems of any length about landscape, using ‘verbs in unexpected contexts’.



32 comments on “Landscape

  1. qbit says:

    I like the unexpected and sharp ending!

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  2. Charley says:

    It is excellent; well done! Don’t worry — you won’t have points knocked off for being late.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jillys2016 says:

    Balance, scatter, scan & shatter – very good! I didn’t get on board with this one, but I am always about the strong verbs, although, I go in for risky stuff like verbing nouns and creating new words. You did a great job here, Lynn!

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  4. Frank Hubeny says:

    A lot of verbs here. It looks like you met the challenge. I like the ideas of the tree balancing the sky and the blades of grass shattering time.

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  5. Nan Mykel says:

    grass blades shattering time — wow! Love it

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  6. kim881 says:

    So nicely done, Lynn! Excellent use of verbs, particularly in:
    ‘Lush tree balances the sky’
    ‘sharp blades shatter time’.

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  7. Magical word art, “aims its leaves to brush and scatter
    puffed up pillow clouds” I’m lying looking up through a tree’s canopy at the sky when I read this, looking, waiting for my mind to conjure images from the intricate web of branches, twigs and leaves.

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  8. Waltermarks says:

    Well, those are certainly some artistic trees, brushing the sky. Lots of powerful verbs here ☺

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