Art of Unreason

Day 15 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Art often isn’t [nice] though it scrubs the soul fresh” – Jim Harrison

It gnaws relentlessly
wakes you from a dead sleep
and then evades every turn

you want to weep

Like winter’s biting hand
rakes over the lonely
ticking time and loose stares
scrapes surface of the keep

Rips fresh rose from your skin 
stakes its thorns in deep
path to escape withering craft
shakes your soul clean.

A really old drawing of some flowers in a vase.  I’d forgot about it until I dug up an old meditation book and found it in there, apparently used as a bookmark.  I only share it because I thought it went with the quote (sort of).


6 comments on “Art of Unreason

  1. Yes ! I like, you do ‘dark’, like everything, so very well. Small nuances and motif’s I love and seek in your words, crop up with subtle yet staggering beauty. By that I mean on reading I think “that’s so lovely” then my mind says “there’s more, read again” and that’s when a big smile explodes across my face !

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  2. Charley says:

    “Rips fresh rose from your skin
    stakes its thorns in deep”

    Yep! That’s the direction of the quote, for sure. The poem is all your take, quite well done, but with a scent of Harrison among the dangerous florals!

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