Acrostic – Penning Poems

Poetry sits around the ring
Enveloped by warmth and full cup
Notes spin, tempo tumbles, staccato
Nightfall nods nostalgic atmosphere
Imagery inhabits blossoming storm
Nudge the sounds, craft the words.

dVerse – The pub is writing acrostics today. 


The Carousel

On the corner of candyfloss lane
and spiced apple cinnamon road
an enchanted place not thought to be sane
lived a poppy-headed princess in her carousel abode.
She dreams of fairy tales, riding dragons,
flames flying behind her in a whirlwind storm.
wields lightning while music box magic stallions
gallop round and round in a dizzying form.
Reflections bubble over in a tinkling light parade
ocean blue eyes swim with possibilities
open to new wonders, it’s the magic she craves,
heavy hoofbeats lift a dancing heart to always see;
unicorn tears chase-chancing moon beams
as she
holds tight to her carnival of dreams.


carousel close up
Photo – L. Burton


Bliss springs from a bubble breeze,
melts shadow-ghosts, 
peppers dreams 
with shimmering giggles
and roses twisting in gardens
of green, grinning leaves.
Dawn lulls fear,
spills echoes that breathe
and curl across the skin,
whispers of journeys sparked
by impromptu dances in flickering light.

blissed out sky
Photo – L. Burton


dVerse – Quadrille Monday with the word ‘bliss’.

Under the Big Top

is where he spends most evenings,
distorting images beneath blinding flares
and painted-on smiles, a crowd of few
in the misty hues of silent stares.

Illusion blasts a tightrope act
twirling sickly
sweet cotton candy,
unchaining a rotten chorus
of malevolent melody as he sips his brandy.

Spin the rickety wheel, blindfolded,
aim straight for familiar stripes
red and white – glint of knife
slices through crimson peony.