lake 10.20.17
Photo – L. Burton

If truth be told
wandering souls
find just what they need
only it leads
to you and me.


The Write Words

old typewriter
Photo – L. Burton

Meager melancholy musings
torn between threadbare tomes
and words wrenched from the womb
tumultuous themes thaw
flay themselves over faintest flaw
sew up the somber seams
savor sublime setting scenes.

Truth of Heart

key to my heart

A collaborative effort between myself and my dear entangled friend at Voices of a Hidden Self who was so very kind and patient while we worked out alternate lines of this sonnet. 

Should such truth of heart be playthings to gods
tossed aside by careless misfortune’s hand
slave to fate’s puerile sport of winks and nods
must we suffer so, marked by this cruel brand.
Will not a love of such fierce burn prevail
to rage like the sun on a summer’s day
all other love shown unworthy and frail
while this love, its path shall forever stay.
We are but a fallen morning kissed rose
yet shall our perfumed petals blossom still
and all will weep hearing our lover’s prose
their tears the endless seas to softly fill.
And if we must this night forever part
forever we will have such truth of heart.

Rewriting Wednesday

Wait for me to rewrite
the parts we haven’t written yet,
to fill the well that’s run dry.
Take my hand when I reach for you
and we point toward today.
Scatter new memories on the loose,
leaving behind promises gone cold,
untraceable pasts.


post it

Sticky yellow squares
float in the air,
giving purpose
with their good intent
of what you don’t want to forget.
A day’s worth of notes
wistful words you wrote
scribbled across
thoughts not lost
firmly held in place
just in case.

Wishing Well

wishing well
Photo – L. Burton

I wished for that moment to last
and then wished for you to come back.
Wishing doesn’t make it so
down where silver and copper grow
and that odd heartbeat sound
in the places wishes go unbound.