Nature’s Invitation

Day 24 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Nature has portals rather than doors” – Jim Harrison

Doors invite death,
hanging loosely
by rusted hinges
and keys that cringe
because they don’t fit.

Nature gateways
the wide open embrace of sky
too many trees I can’t name
but they whisper just the same.
Sunsets dive on rippling lakes.
Grass tickles underfoot.
New paths rise up
reaching out a hand to meet –
nature’s offering.

Photo – L. Burton

dVerse – OLN


Run to the Moon

Day 11 of 28 Days of Unreason

“I’m unsure if all of me returned” – Jim Harrison

From our moonlit walk
where we cast shadows below
scattered tear-stained stars
and hearts on sleeves etched in seams
when we ran to the moon
I ran away with you.



Photo – L. Burton


dVerse – Open Link Night.



I dreamed of you last night

my heart felt joy

for a split second

before it ran cold


colder than a mid winter’s night

shroud in darkness

when you passed by

with your hands

firmly attached to her breasts


and your eyes searched mine

a knowing look

or a dare to question you

but there are no questions

only certainty

that memories fade

flesh dies

and hearts remain.



Dreams, what will and will never be

funny how the edges blur

but we see so clearly


you ask me if I like the color jade

even in my dream I pause to stay


and wonder why you’d ask such a thing

but before the light hits my eyes

I know why it stings


Jade is the color of envy.


dVerse – OLN with Bjorn as the host.


If You Were a Poem

If you were a poem

would you be an ode

showered with praise

beautiful words in a serenade

or maybe a sonnet

romantic in nature

live eternal in hearts,

quicken pulse to start,

devour surging lust

from dawn ’til dusk

or even a senryu

to express emotion

evoked by you – simply being –

never the bawdy limerick

though your humor shines quick,

like the brightest star in the skies.

Oh, if you were a poem

my pen would flow them,

a steady stream of words

to flood a million blank pages.


dVerse – It’s OLN at the Pub.


Mystery and magic

a backdrop to our dreams

an audience of two

tangled up in you

and me, it seems.


Page and prose

a well-woven cloak

concealed in nakedness


and try not to choke


on this fire we stoke


Tempt and suspend

sharp daggers of illusions.


dVerse – OLN with Grace as the host.  I dug up this older poem and reworked it a bit.