tree and light
Photo – L. Burton

I felt the steely, white knuckle grip  
of winter’s wind  
take up residence in my bones
heard its whistle groan
under the steady thrum
of an anxious heart
beyond the leaves
that chase themselves   
around a once happy yard,
down a quiet, empty street
filled with longing  
and I notice the weather stripping   
that hangs loosely
along the window’s edge
and I’m comforted  
by all the life its seen
shingles lift and sail in the wind
and I’m comforted
by the roof over my head  
comforted by how well
solitude and I speak
I felt the cold kiss my cheek   
and kissed it back warmly.


Sense of Madness

Did you notice the time?
Neither did I
the way gnarled hands climb
out of a hole in need of a face lift.

No reason or rhyme
why bells in my head chime
or why ivory skin’s covered in grime  
along an alarming, beautiful rift.

I could not conjure the sublime
in this pit of pantomime
but suffer the cards and crime  
on a sea of madness adrift.


I’m thrilled to be able to feature the awesome artwork of my daughter of my heart.  She drew this Alice in Wonderland inspired piece and kindly asked me if I’d like to write something for it.  My answer was a very quick, ‘I’d love to’!  Her talent astounds me.  If you’re interested in commissioning some work, you can contact her directly at

Here’s a couple of other pieces she so graciously allowed me to share.

K lionK bear

Shades of Winter


Soft russet coat,
bushy tail wags 
as he darts
out the barely open door.
He doesn’t chase spring’s
yellow butterflies,
instead it’s a cardinal
that lands on the fence
out of his reach;
and the cold 
would’ve chased me
back inside
but it’s an awareness
amongst a thick fog morning
and bone chilling ache
that makes me take notice
of the shades of winter.



Forlorn leaves of golden brown
cling between pencil sketches
on a pale gray canvas
while others not easily damped
smolder still.



Bare feet tiptoe on wet ground
simply because you want to feel the cold.



Upside down, inside out summer pool
filled with remnants of laughter
and rain water, heart-shaped sodden leaves
float face down,
drowned by the changing seasons,  
waiting to dry out and be blown on a gentle breeze.

Dance with Fate

vettriano 1

I cast all on the winds of chance
and released fate’s hand
for a low tide lover’s dance
of cheek touches on sand.
Gray clouds threatened rain
as thunder rolled overhead
and drew in a deep refrain
of one heartbeat moment instead.
Waves winked at souls bared 
and receded from past near misses,
passion in rhythm shared
and breathed-in sea salt kisses.

The Write Words

old typewriter
Photo – L. Burton

Meager melancholy musings
torn between threadbare tomes
and words wrenched from the womb
tumultuous themes thaw
flay themselves over faintest flaw
sew up the somber seams
savor sublime setting scenes.

Truth of Heart

key to my heart

A collaborative effort between myself and my dear entangled friend at Voices of a Hidden Self who was so very kind and patient while we worked out alternate lines of this sonnet. 

Should such truth of heart be playthings to gods
tossed aside by careless misfortune’s hand
slave to fate’s puerile sport of winks and nods
must we suffer so, marked by this cruel brand.
Will not a love of such fierce burn prevail
to rage like the sun on a summer’s day
all other love shown unworthy and frail
while this love, its path shall forever stay.
We are but a fallen morning kissed rose
yet shall our perfumed petals blossom still
and all will weep hearing our lover’s prose
their tears the endless seas to softly fill.
And if we must this night forever part
forever we will have such truth of heart.