Truth of Heart

key to my heart

A collaborative effort between myself and my dear entangled friend at Voices of a Hidden Self who was so very kind and patient while we worked out alternate lines of this sonnet. 

Should such truth of heart be playthings to gods
tossed aside by careless misfortune’s hand
slave to fate’s puerile sport of winks and nods
must we suffer so, marked by this cruel brand.
Will not a love of such fierce burn prevail
to rage like the sun on a summer’s day
all other love shown unworthy and frail
while this love, its path shall forever stay.
We are but a fallen morning kissed rose
yet shall our perfumed petals blossom still
and all will weep hearing our lover’s prose
their tears the endless seas to softly fill.
And if we must this night forever part
forever we will have such truth of heart.


In Bloom

Prune the twisted branches, overgrown life
shake off rugged remnants of wilted wounds
that worm their way into the soil, and slice
prickly thorns until all that you have blooms.

Worried weeds strangle the best intentions
winding themselves around hopeful harvest
all along sprinkled with inattention
staked if only to bend like all the rest.

Life-sustaining showers cleanse deep rooted
razors edge, swell in ungloved dirty hands
claw through the mud where the sky is muted
toss out somber seeds, swirling when they land.

Gather together abundant roses
vase the bouquet that your heart composes.

July Challenge – Dark Sonnet

The Devil rolls some teeth like dice,
Says your bones are for the gamble —
Wants to know your wager price,
And if the payout you can handle:

He’ll use your ribs for a picket gate,
Ligaments to string a violin’s regret,
Skin to stretch the truth from here to fate,
Back against the wall to make you sweat.

With poison on his breath, he’ll use your arm
For scraps to guard the midnight rail
Up to your neck in wicked charm
Spit him out on his own black trail.

The Devil chokes on your gift of slow bleed
Round up your win, delight in his screams.


qbit offered a Dark Sonnet in Jilly’s July Challenge, and this is what I came up with.  When I saw his challenge link over at Jilly’s, I was all, ‘Ooo, dark is my jam.  I can do this’.  Then I read his first half and was pretty sure I couldn’t.  I can only hope I did justice to what was an amazing start to this dark sonnet.

Collaboration:  J.  Randall Brett / L. Burton

July Challenge – Sonnet by 2

Beneath the bed a garden sits and waits
Smooth the sheets, my head upon the pillow
Asleep am I until the chaos breaks
Carrots clawed by digging armadillo

Nightmare screams from radishes upended
Oh, Stevenson! Upon this counterpane,
Your childhood verses here would be splendid,
Such as, “and I should like so much to play.”

Shake golden tendrils, a meeting of chance   
Jagged lightning cracks, splits the room in two 
Cloak of man and monster weaves sly, slow dance 
Fury escapes from the windowless view

Eyes scan for remains; in, under, between
Then hears, “is but a dream within a dream.”


I’m taking up the second half of Jilly’s sonnet (my part is in red) in her July Challenge.
Collaboration:  L.Burton/Jilly

Fancy Perfume and Twirling Ribbons

Poems can ring, rise upon sun and moon

or bring momentum to an errant flame.

Maybe it falls face first, mangled too soon

its sound wailing against the sting of rain.


Dawn will singe your senses, set them all free

perform song and acrobatic dances

cry out in celebration, yours to see


Click here to read the details on how you can participate in Jilly’s July Challenge.  These collaborative efforts should be lots of fun.

For my contribution, I’ve started a sonnet in anagram form.  Hopefully this doesn’t make anyone want to run away screaming.  I just figured if I’m going to be challenged, I want to really be challenged.

As a refresher:  a sonnet is a 14-line poem with 3 quatrains and a couplet.  Rhyme scheme is abab/cdcd/efef/gg.  I wrote the first 7 lines, now you write the next 7.

Anagrammatic poetry is simply forming new words from existing ones (the existing words being the title – Fancy Perfume and Twirling Ribbons).  Here’s a better explanation with example, and another example here.