Unchain the passive pen
locked up tight in a bottom drawer
full of dinged hope,
strands of faux starts, and quaking indecision.
Curse the crow at the crossroads
against its watchful form
chase bracing winds
through open fields of wild words.


Sunday Whirl




While under the tap
imagine the spray of words unwrapped
you want to swing spryly from,
forget the ones that don’t remain
that get sucked down the tub drain
like a plague of bad memories,
no, the ones that stay
thump wildly and play 
upon keys ablaze.




Sunday Whirl – Surface

Label won: wallflower/nut
chains simmer at the surface
color stains her cheeks
like the sangria fruit punch
tongue-tied, throat mixed-up
nothing else matters, when everything’s
the matter
finally bursts.

Wordle chains, nut, matter, throat, mixed, punch, simmered, surface, burst, color, label, won

Moonlight in a Mason Jar

Stitch up the sliver
follow the bend in your trip
scan road for moonshine
shoot straight from the hip

sail the scent of surrender
hear the coyote’s yip
heat innards ’til you go blind
trail dust and coax every drip.                        


Sunday Whirl – This week’s words (I left out archaic): bend, archaic, stitch, surrender, heat, trip, scan, shine, sliver, follow, scent, sail.

Sunday Whirl

Post heartache –

She carries a mean trigger finger,
born of seas of nothing
and poor excuses strung together
by picking apart hollow lines.

You –

Carry a beam
that can shake it apart
line the hollows of her heart
string together nothing but seas
born of meaning.

Where heartache fades –

Sunday Whirl – this week’s words:  nothing, carry, post, sea, pick, trigger, poor, string, mean, beam, shake, born