Wanders aimlessly over disjointed daydreams
flits like dust motes
falls flat like bad jokes
that don’t seem to catch on a laugh.

Dissipates around delirium inducing distractions
storms away mad
the moment we had
forever lost to some muse-stealing monster.

Wiggles its way into the mundane
a waterfall
from which I draw
welcoming, bewitching life force.

Sets firmly its cleansing balm
sources of light
are conjured bright
and just like that, the cobwebs are gone.

My magical muse
you tease and confuse
juggle the errant thoughts
in my head

I suppose I have to trust
the ones you magic dust
and put the others to bed.



dVerse – Writing about magic.



Muse in Melody

I’m a little bit fragile wings
a whole lot moving water,
muddy or otherwise,
just know my heart sings
the same as yours
and dreams the same dreams.

Lost sometimes in the flames we fan
ashes illuminated under heavy scrutiny
just know when you take my hand
I’m guarded, I’m fragile,
but if anyone could ever save me now
you can.


dVerse – Poetics: Musical Muse

Evans Blue – “Stop and Say You Love Me”

And one last nod to Harrison.


Lush tree balances the sky
aims its leaves to brush and
puffed up pillow clouds;
shades the edges of the pond
where water ripples, whispers
sweet nothings that shift

and scan reflections.
Grass sways in the breeze,
sharp blades shatter time.


dVerse – Tuesday Poetics (late again).  Kim challenges the pub to write poems of any length about landscape, using ‘verbs in unexpected contexts’.



sunflower sunsetPhoto – L. Burton

Follow the sun’s path, golden rays  
light up the days  
stretch to the sky    
stand tall and fly.

Powder blue canvas ready vase   
caress your face
kiss the morning
fields adoring. 
When the darkness covers your head
and blue bleeds red 
stars all around     
fall to the ground.


dVerse – Frank is hosting and challenges the pub to write a Minute Poem.

The Storm



Darkening storm clouds hover.

May your eyes see the gloom

and capture the silver lining.

A blanket from the blistering sun.

The thunder rumbles low, long.

May you hear the threatening growl

and marvel at its energetic pulse

that matches your own.

Birdsong on breeze

may the sound offer a song in your heart

as rain cleanses the day.

Arching through the gloomy sky

is a painter’s palette splash of wishes:

may you have passion in all you do

and the perseverance to follow through.

may you have friendship among those

you once counted as foes.

may you have courage in conundrums

growth beneath the grim,

and the strength in sadness.

may you have wisdom to wrestle the whys

and wit in strife.

Among all, the openness

to behold the beauty

and the grace

to weather any storm.


dVerse – Paul is hosting Tuesday Poetics and asks us to write blessing poems.